Package fri.gui.swing.polytreetable

Interface Summary
MutablePolyTreeNode A mutable PolyTreeNode.
PolyTreeExpansionListener Listen for expand and collape tree events and for change of root ("lead term").
PolyTreeNode A PolyTreeNode that has multiple parents and children.
PolyTreeTableModel The data model for PolyTreeTable that holds a polyhierarchy.
PolyTreeTableModelListener Listen to data model events.
PolyTreeTableUserObject A utility record that provides all methods necessary to be rendered generic in a TreeTable.
PolyTreeWillExpandListener Listen for a node about to be expanded or collapsed.

Class Summary
AbstractPolyTreeNode Implements a basic PolyTreeNode.
AbstractPolyTreeTableModel An abstract implementation of the PolyTreeTableModel interface that provides display methods (but no edit methods).
AbstractPolyTreeTableUserObject A default PolyTreeTableUserObject that takes arrays as column names and classes and implements most of the static part of the interface: returning column names, column classes and column count.
BasicPolyTreeTableUI Extends BasicTableUI to change root row and modify mouse press behaviour: select row only if mouse pressed in tree column, disable drag selection optionally.
DefaultCachedPolyTreeNode Implements a cached PolyTreeNode that avoids redundancy of nodes in child and parent lists.
DefaultPolyTreeNode Implements a basic MutablePolyTreeNode.
DefaultPolyTreeTableModel An concrete implementation of the PolyTreeTableModel interface that provides insert, change and remove of nodes.
MetalReverseTreeControlIcon Copied and adapted from MetalIconFactory.
NodeCache A node cache that holds different caches for different classes.
PolyTreeExpansionEvent Expansion event that holds the first and last row of addes or removed table rows.
PolyTreeTable A JTable that can visualize expanding/collapsing polyhierarchies.
PolyTreeTableCellEditor CellEditor for the PolyTreeTable.
PolyTreeTableCellRenderer CellRenderer for the PolyTreeTable.
PolyTreeTableModelAdapter This is the "view" model for JTable, that means, it serves only as a model dummy for the JTable "view".
PolyTreeTableModelEvent An event that is created when nodes were inserted or removed from the data model.
PolyTreeView Instead of a JTree this tree view proxy holds information about expandable nodes and count of visible rows.
TreeIndentIcon Paint icons to render a tree expand control, a leaf/folder the tree level indent.